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Fluorination reagent technology Fluorine fine chemical began to upgrade

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Fluorine fragrance fine chemicals and fluoride reagents technology is a cutting-edge areas of fine chemicals, but also restricts the development of domestic fine chemical industry bottlenecks. East China University of Science and Technology completed the fluorine-containing aromatic chemicals and fluoride reagents key technology, theory and application and industrialization projects, breaking the organic fluorine chemical technology bottlenecks for China's fine chemical products technology laid the foundation for upgrading. The results were awarded the 2008 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

China's rich in fluorine resources, accounting for 54% of the world's reserves, follow-up high value-added fluorine chemical industry accounted for only 4% of the world's total output. Rich resources and backward depth of the use of industrial technology to form a huge contrast, affecting China's international competitiveness in the field.

Fluorinated aromatic fine chemical production is difficult in the production process of many factors, the operating conditions are very sensitive to the preparation of complex and difficult to master, quality, yield is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, the traditional fine organic chemical fluorination technology innovation, the development of the key essential aromatic aromatic fluoride and fluorine-containing blocks, fluorinated reagents of the industrialization of technology is imminent.

Since 1992, the East China University of Science and Technology Professor Qian Xuhong and so on to carry out in-depth study, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry researchers, after more than 10 years of in-depth research and tireless research, for fluorine aromatic fine chemicals Production process on the different requirements of the reaction, innovative put forward to achieve the industrialization of the necessary reaction system, reaction equipment and the "three wastes" treatment program, in the efficient production at the same time, to achieve energy saving, energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, China's fine aromatic fluoride preparation technology and industry scientific and technological progress.

Up to now, the project received a total of 18 Chinese invention patents, published 47 SCI papers. In the production of fluorine-containing fine chemicals, the technical achievements have been successfully applied to a variety of fluorine-containing aromatic chemicals and fluoride reagents industrial preparation and process optimization, product yield, quality can be significantly improved, product technology and quality Reached the international advanced level, "three wastes" significantly reduced, the resources can be fully utilized, the economic and environmental benefits significantly.
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