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UV shadowless glue

YS-Z1001 UV shadowless glue

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Product name: UV shadowless glue
Product No.: YS-Z1001
Main composition: One-component UV glue, the main component is acrylic resin with excellent adhesion performance, with acrylic monomer, auxiliary agent and photoinitiator.
Scope of application: bonding between glass, plastic and metal (at least one side must be transparent).

Production Specification:  
Product performance:
◆It will not be cured without ultraviolet light, so it is easy to use.
◆Under the irradiation of 365nm light source, it can be cured in the fastest 3 seconds.
◆Good adhesion, suitable for glass and various substrates, but at least one side must be transparent.
◆No corrosion, high transparency, no trace bonding.
◆The adhesion between glass and glass is excellent. After curing, it can withstand high temperature and blisters. It is suitable for sticking glass fish tanks and glass sun sheds.

Performance Evaluation:
Before curing:
◆Appearance: colorless transparent viscous gel
◆Viscosity: 500-800 cps/25℃
◆Density: 1.05
◆Curing speed: 3-5s under 365nm light; 10-15s under 395nm light

After curing:
Hardness/Shore D: 50
Shear strength/Mpa: 45
Tensile strength/Mpa (glass and glass): >12
Excellent water resistance/h: 72
Elongation at break: 120%
Applicable temperature range: -30℃ to 150℃
How to use:
◆1. Put glue on the surface of the object to be bonded;
◆2. Flatten the two contact surfaces to be bonded;
◆3. Use 365nm or 395nm UV lamp to illuminate the transparent surface;
◆4. The bonding is completed.

Usage Instruction:
◆1. Keep the bonding surface clean, dry and free of grease.
◆2. The curing speed depends on the wavelength and power of the UV lamp, the distance between the light source and the glue layer, the required curing depth or glue layer gap, and the substrate light transmittance, temperature and other factors.
◆3. The operation should not excessively squeeze the adherend, and should not move and separate the adherend repeatedly.
◆4. The remaining glue cannot be poured back into the original packaging to avoid pollution. The unused glue should be tightly capped, sealed and stored to avoid sunlight.

Packing & Storage:
◆Standard packaging:  30cc pointed mouth hose. Other packaging shell customization.
◆This product should be stored in a dry and low temperature place, kept clean and ventilated, and sealed in time after use.
◆The shelf life of this product is valid within one year from the date of production.

Safety Rule:
◆This product has low toxicity, avoid contact with skin and eyes.
◆If this product gets on the skin or clothes, wipe it clean with a cloth first, and then wash it with water,  to prevent skin burns. If it gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water for more than 20 minutes. 
◆Should be placed out of children's reach.

Note: The above information is for reference,it cannot be used as the final guarantee of product performance. Customers should confirm whether they meet the requirements after testing according to the characteristics of the product. In special circumstances, the production can be debugged according to the conditions provided by the customer.
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