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YS-LE6905 Anti-graffiti and anti-scratch resin

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Product name: Anti-graffiti UV resin
Product No.: YS-LE6905
Appearance: transparent liquid

Anti-graffiti UV resin, fluorocarbon modified high-reactivity resin, has good leveling, good fullness, high hardness, anti-graffiti, anti-fingerprint effect, and does not exceed the fluorine content. It is recommended for light-toned electronic products and furniture.

1. Good leveling
2. Anti-graffiti
3. Anti-fingerprint
4. High fullness
5. Fast curing speed
6. Good toughness

Application range:
It is recommended to be used in mobile phones, computers and other anti-graffiti UV coatings; PET film inks and coatings; plastic varnishing and self-cleaning UV coatings; matte UV coatings and inks.

Packing: 25KG/drum; 200KG/drum

Storage condition:
In order to prevent polymerization and gelation reaction, please store away from heat and sunlight, in a cool and ventilated place, under normal conditions, the safe storage period is one year
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